Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Granite Gear Kitchen Sink featured in SNEWS

Granite Gear Kitchen Sink appears in article about hot-selling products for cooking outdoors.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

New Bloc Solids catch attention of Backpacker Editors

Backpacker's Berne Broudy - Daily Dirt from Outdoor Retailer

The Outdoor Retailer Trade show is always a bit of a “Gear-valanche.” And the Backpacker editors have the pleasure of getting metaphorically buried under piles of new gear—which we sort and sift through while we’re here, so we can take it in the field and test it.

Top of my list for today was in the “Why Didn’t I Think of That” category: a reconfiguring of the standard stuff sack by Granite Gear. How many times have you carefully compressed your sleeping bag, clothing and other sundries into boulder-like blocks, that when stuffed into your pack leave lots of unused airspace around them. Granite Gear designers realized that if stuff sacks were shaped like bricks not boulders when they were compressed that they’d fit together better and hikers would be able to fit more stuff into their packs without having to tray and pack little items into the corners after the compression stuff sacks were in. So now all of Granite Gear’s stuff sacks are block shaped. They’ve also trimmed weight off all their sacks by swapping webbing for cord, even in their eVent waterproof breathable stuff sacks, that come in at about half the weight of other similar sacks on the market.


Granite Gear on the cover of the September Issue of Blue Ridge Outdoors