Thursday, November 6, 2014

Granite Gear is proud to sponsor:
Only The Essential
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From thru-hiker and film producer Colin Arisman: 
"In the summer of 2013 Casey Gannon and Colin Arisman thru-hiked the Pacific Crest Trail with cameras in hand. "Only The Essential" is the story of their 5 month, 2668 mile journey on foot from Mexico to Canada across the wilderness of California, Oregon, and Washington.
The full length film will be available to stream for free online, as well as premiering around the country and being submitted to film festivals. Prior to the hike we successfully ran a Kickstarter fundraiser, and we are deeply grateful for the independent financial support of those who backed our project. The film is a non-commercial project and has been a labor of love for us. We are honored to be supported by Granite Gear and the PCTA."

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Four Tips for Backpacking in the Winter

Written by Justin "Trauma" Lichter

There’s a mystique about heading out into the backcountry in the winter. In recent years backcountry skiing has been gaining in popularity, but that still typically doesn’t take people more than a few miles from the road. The allure of the short trip is obvious. Even the most popular backcountry destinations are deserted in the winter. I’ve been to Glacier Point in Yosemite, the Great Smoky Mountains, and the White Mountains, some of the most heavily trafficked areas -- and hardly seen a soul. Most people hike and backpack to disconnect, seek solitude, and experience the outdoors. There’s no better time than the winter to achieve this. Don’t be scared to leave the comforts of a warm fireplace - expand the camping season and escape the crowds by heading out in the winter!
I have hiked the Appalachian Trail in the winter and seen hardly anybody. This is the Grand Central Station of hiking trails. It’s amazing and beautiful, even more so in the winter because you can see out of the “Green Tunnel”, but can be crowded and difficult to get shelter space. Almost every night of the trip I was the only one in the shelter – with the added benefit of no one else snoring but me!
This winter I plan on attempting to thru-hike/ski the Pacific Crest Trail from Mexico to Canada. It will be roughly 2650 miles of varying travel methods, from skis to snowshoes, in a mix of terrain and conditions. We think this challenge will take 5-6 months through the heart of the winter. Here are a few things to keep in mind on a winter trip:

1) Prior proper planning prevents piss poor performance – my favorite saying.

You want to research the conditions that you could hit, including the low temperatures, potential weather, and the potential for avalanche conditions. This includes last minute checks of the weather and avalanche forecasts, then alter your kit accordingly. For example, if you are expecting a snowstorm then you might want to throw in the GPS to help you navigate or add a few additional layers to wear. You’ll also want to cater your sleeping system to the potential low temperatures.

2) Pack wisely – but that doesn’t mean you should pack the kitchen sink

You want to be prepared for colder temperatures and adjust your kit accordingly, but that doesn’t mean that you need to throw your entire closet into your pack. The sun sets early and you’ll be in your sleeping bag when it starts getting chilly. Save on extra camp clothing layers since you’ll be in your sleeping bag, but pack something to read or a deck of cards and a shelter with a little extra room. You want to be comfortable and the weight savings from other items will allow room for extra comforts.

3) Layer

I’m sure you’ve heard this a million times, but seriously, layer your clothing. This will help to create an adaptable and versatile system throughout the day and night. If you are sweating during the day then you should strip off a layer and save it for later before it gets wet. You don’t want to overheat because that will lead to chilling later on. Use your layering system to prevent overheating. Also when you stop for a break, make sure to add a layer before you start getting cold. It takes less energy for your body to stay warm then to get cold and warm up again.

4) Adjust your goals

A winter trip is different than a summer trip. Sometimes you can make great time if the snow sets up right, but often the travel is much slower. Adjust your expectations accordingly. Take this into consideration when you pack your food. It might snow and you could be slogging. In the winter I would always recommend packing a bit of extra food. If you don’t need it, you’ll probably end up eating it the last day anyway!
A winter trip is rewarding, enjoyable, and challenging. When an old timer says, “I remember when we would go weeks without seeing people in a national park”, you will respond “I still do.” Sometimes travel might feel like it is uphill both ways, but those challenges will just make the hot chocolate in front of the fireplace that much more rewarding when you return home.  
Justin "Trauma" Lichter bio:
Justin has also logged over 35,000 miles of hiking and backpacking. He has hiked unsupported from end to end through the Himalayas, through the Southern Alps of New Zealand, through Iceland and Norway, across the United States six times, and over 1800 miles through Africa. He is a ski patroller and enjoys backcountry skiing, Nordic skiing, biking, surfing and anything else outdoors and active. His first book, Trail Tested, was published in April 2012, with a follow up book, Ultralight Survival Kit, released in February 2014.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Granite Gear Announces 2014-2015 Athlete Roster

Two Harbors, MN – September 8, 2014 – Granite Gear, manufacturer of legendary backpacks engineered to deliver the ultimate in function and comfort, is proud to announce their official athlete roster of 2014-2015. Athletes include the following: Polar Explorers Lonnie Dupre, Eric Larsen, John Huston, Professional Thru-Hiker Justin “Trauma” Lichter, and Blind Hiker Trevor Thomas, each of whom has shown impressive persistence in pushing the limits of their specific disciplines.

Acknowledging that these athletes are internationally recognized professionals in the outdoor industry, Granite Gear confidently engages the athletes in thorough gear testing and research and development. In doing so, the outcome is highly functional Granite Gear products that have been tested to the max and are ready for decades of use by the end-user, wherever their destinations take them.

“Both our athletes and our customers’ safety directly depends on the quality and durability of our gear,” says Senior Director of Design; Development, Mike Meyer. “Our athletes really put our gear to the test in some of the most extreme environments on the planet. Their product feedback is a tremendous asset.”

This year, the athletes are participating in various events such as climbing Denali in January, hiking the PCT through the winter months, an impromptu triathlon across the state of Colorado, and various week-long explorations and adventures around the USA.

Lonnie Dupre, Eric Larsen, John Huston, Justin “Trauma” Lichter, and Trevor Thomas will be pairing up with Granite Gear during various trade shows and events throughout the year. For more information on their individual pursuits sign up to receive Granite Gear’s newsletter and follow them on Granite Gear’s Facebook page.

Contact: Shelly Schmidt
Darby Communications
828.254.0914 o / 630.337.6505 c

Monday, August 4, 2014

Granite Gear Supports the Big City Mountaineers!

The exciting launch of our new campus collection, has put us in the giving mood. Back in May, we launched our Back to School Giveaway, where we partnered up with industry brands to give away a prize pack every two weeks, catering to students getting ready for campus. We also wanted to “share the love,” to a favorite organization of ours – the Big City Mountaineers.  If you’re not familiar with BCM, you should be. Really. It’s an amazing organization that focuses on getting under-resourced youth outdoors and so much more. At Granite Gear, we thrive to get more people into the great outdoors. So by donating to the BCM, we felt our contribution could make an impact through getting kids out and enjoying all that the wilderness has to offer.

Here’s a little bit about BCM’s history, and what they aim to do for underprivileged youth.

Big City Mountaineers strives to instill critical life-skills in under-resourced youth through transformative wilderness mentoring expeditions. In short they help kids enrich their own lives through outdoor and mentoring experiences.

Since its inception, BCM has worked to offer life-changing experiences for urban youth through wilderness mentoring expeditions led by caring adults.  The original program design of single-gender, 5-adults-to-5-youth outings continues to be a unique aspect of their program.

In 2013 alone, BCM worked with more than 1,000 under-served youth across the country on 68 wilderness expeditions, and 2,600 day and overnight programs. In total, they tirelessly delivered 6,650 days of outdoor youth mentoring programming to their kids.

If you want to learn more or are interested in getting involved, visit their website at

We’re in our FINAL WEEK of our Back to School Giveaway, and this prize pack is epic, so you may want to check out the winnings before you take a pass. Enter our Grand Prize giveaway for the chance to win mega cool winnings for life’s random needs. Here’s what we’ve got stuffed in our Superior Pack: A Kindle Fire complete with an E-Case to protect it from the elements, a pair of Sunksi Lime Headlands Sunglasses, a $50 Amazon Gift Card, a pair of Vasque shoes of your choice for comfortably getting around campus, a Grilliput for a future tailgate scenario, and a sleek KOR water bottle – for hydration. Enter to win here:

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Alpha Dog Pack Featured in Sierra Magazine

Sierra Magazine featured our Alpha Dog pack in their July 2014 issue. They loved the fact that the pack has fleece-lined straps to prevent from chafing!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Travel & Leisure Trip Doctor Highlights Cross-Trek Collection

In the June 2014 "Trip Doctor" feature, Travel & Leisure included Granite Gear's 36L Backpack from the Cross-Trek adventure travel collection.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Polar Adventurer Eric Larsen Successfully Reaches North Pole After 480-Mile Unsupported Traverse Across Arctic Ocean

Larsen's Team the First in Four Years to Reach the North Pole, Potentially Last in History

--> On Tuesday, May 6th 2014 at approximately 9pm MDT, Eric Larsen and Ryan Waters reached the geographic North Pole, completing their unsupported and unaided Last North expedition in just 53 days. In doing so, they were the only team attempting a "land to Pole" crossing to reach the North Pole this season, and the only team since 2010 to accomplish this feat.

Outside Magazine's Gear of the Year: Granite Gear Nimbus trace access 70

In their Summer 2014 Buyer's Guide, Outside included our Nimbus Trace Access 70 which has earned the Gear of the Year title for packs. Check it out below!

Granite Gear's Superior in Backpacker Magazine

Backpacker put our Superior through their Daypack Field Test, earning it the title "weatherproof bargain" for those of us who "like to head out when others head in".

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Granite Gear Supports the Warrior Hike on the Appalachian Trail

In recognition of the therapeutic effects of long distance hiking, Granite Gear is proud to support the Warrior Hike “Walk off the War” Program, which is designed to support veterans transitioning from military service by thru-hiking America’s National Scenic Trails. This March, fourteen veterans began their journey on the Appalachian Trail with Granite Gear supplies on their backs; including Crown V.C. 60 backpacks, Cloud Cover pack flies, eVent Sil drysacks, and Air Style wallets.
Read more here.  

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Granite Gear Supports Polar Explorer Eric Larsen in North Pole Expedition

Beginning this month, Granite Gear will support Eric Larsen and team member Ryan Waters in their feat to traverse across the Arctic Ocean from Northern Ellesmere Island to geographic North Pole – an expedition dubbed Last North. Granite Gear will outfit the team with technical packs and travel gear they need to cover the nearly 500-mile distance in less than 49 days. If they accomplish this goal, they would break the current expedition speed record set by a Norwegian team in 2006.
Read more here.


Wednesday, March 5, 2014

ESPN W Review of the Granite Gear Athabasca 24

ESPN W says "Perfect for day hiking, fast packing, or biking, the Athabasca can hold up to 30 pounds, offering a bit more substantial pack. With a built-in hydration compatible sleeve, this pack allows you to utilize a reservoir of your choice. Also including twin power-mesh side pockets for additional water bottles and 24-liter capacity, you'll be able to fit everything you need for a day out on the trails."
Check out the review here.

Monday, March 3, 2014

GG's Superior in SGB Weekly

The Superior, the largest pack in our Back-to-School collection, made its way into SGB Weekly. Check out the feature here.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Review of the Granite Gear Kahiltna 29 Daypack by Wanderlust & Lipstick

This pack is named for the Kahiltna Glacier, which at 44 miles, is the longest glacier in the Alaska Range. All in all the Kahiltna 29 is a competently designed, well constructed daypack that will do exactly what a daypack should.
Read the full review here.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Even a city slicker can be ready for survival: Review by

WND TV exclusive with Manny Edwards of Survival News Online.
Review of the Athabasca 24 from Granite Gear.
Watch the video here

If you need a non-tactical, urban everyday carry bag without sacrificing functionality, the Athabasca 24 from Granite Gear fits the bill. This ingenious crossover design is good enough for the urban jungle and the Athabasca Glacier.
If you need a non-tactical, urban everyday carry bag without sacrificing functionality, the Athabasca 24 from Granite Gear fits the bill. This ingenious crossover design is good enough for the urban jungle and the Athabasca Glacier.

If you need a non-tactical, urban everyday carry bag without sacrificing functionality, the Athabasca 24 from Granite Gear fits the bill. This ingenious crossover design is good enough for the urban jungle and the Athabasca Glacier


If you need a non-tactical, urban everyday carry bag without sacrificing functionality, the Athabasca 24 from Granite Gear fits the bill. This ingenious crossover design is good enough for the urban jungle and the Athabasca Glacier


Monday, February 10, 2014

Granite Gear Leopard AC 58 Backpack Review by

Granite Gear’s Leopard AC 58 backpack is an “alpine-ready” backpack, which means that it’s a cross between a three-season backpack and a winter pack, including a few extra features like a top lid pocket, a shovel pocket, crampon holder, and hip belt gear loops. I’ve been testing it for the past two months in New Hampshire’s White Mountains where the winter conditions are so severe that we regularly carry the same gear for day hikes that we do on overnight trips, including shelters, stoves, multiple layers, and a myriad of traction devices (snowshoes, crampons, and microspikes).
Read more here. 

Monday, February 3, 2014

Best New Gear Award Presented to Granite Gear’s Nimbus Trace Access 70

At the 2014 Winter Market Outdoor Retailer, Gear Institute presented Granite Gear’s new expedition backpack, the Nimbus Trace Access 70, with the “Best New Gear Award.”
Read more here. 

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Granite Gear Presents Revolutionary Back-To-School Backpack Collection

Coming Spring 2014, Granite Gear is evolving the standards of Back-To-School backpacks with the release of a collection of progressively-designed that are engineered for today's student. Blending decades of experience in the pack market with superior, innovative designs, the new collection offers bags that will change the landscape within the growing back-to-school market.
Read more here.