Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Granite Gear Air Space Bag Wins 2008 Backpacking Light Staff Pick

Backpacking Light staff pick their favorites for 2008 and they choose Air Space Bag a best piece of gear. Here's what they say.

The Granite Gear Air Space zippered stuff sack is a wonderful multipurpose item. The size small that I use is perfect to stuff my sleeping bag or insulated clothing. When in camp, it becomes a place to contain smaller items. At night I put any extra clothing in it and use it as a pillow. Its rectangular shape makes it easier to pack in a backpack and for it to stay in place when used as a pillow. The large opening provided by the long, waterproof zipper makes it easy to find things inside. On each end there is a grosgrain handle that provides counter force for zipping or to help pull the sack out of my pack. Made of silnylon, the sack slides easily out of a pack and is especially handy for wet weather or winter camping, when I can lay it down on the wet ground or snow and the things inside do not get wet.


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